Z is for Zoo

I couldn’t blog on about Chicago without including one of my mother’s most favorite places in the city.  My mom, whose love of this city was as great as mine. Maybe that’s where I got it from?  That place is Lincoln Park Zoo.

It’s more than just a zoo. It’s a zoo and a conservatory within a park adjacent to a Great Lake with beaches and entertainment and all the stuff I’ve mentioned already in other posts. The park starts at one end where the Chicago History Museum is and as you proceed north you’ll find… well… the zoo, a farmers market, a nature museum, the conservatory, a (golf) driving range, restaurants, events like ZooLights (for the holidays), Super Zoo picnic (a family friendly evening event), yoga classes, wine festivals, concerts and any activities related to parks. Back to the zoo itself…..

It’s a free zoo. One of very few free ones left in the United States. When I was a child, I always had to start with either the farm-in-the-zoo or the seals then on to the lions and great ape house. Of course those are still some of my faves. But as an adult, I’ve really come to enjoy meerkats; cute funny little creatures they are. Oh, the bird house, the elephants and the zebras too. Mostly I love the grounds itself. I have some mixed feelings about zoos in general. It’s hard to see animals caged. When I was a child my mom said I was more interested in watching other people than I was the animals. Maybe I was thinking: why do they (people) get to roam free? I don’t know.  So I’m not sure I’d  enjoy other zoos as much (if it were strictly about the animals). But ours is an area with much more to offer. Like when I’m done walking the zoo grounds,  I go across the street to the rooftop of the Hotel Lincoln, to The J. Parker, for a drink and a little different perspective.


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