Winning City. Windy City. White City. World Fair City.

Random thoughts on W. Chicago specific.

W: 2016  saw a lot of blue W’s in this city. Flying the W flag every time the Cubs won a game and eventually the World Series.


Hold onto your hats ladies and gents! The wind sure is whipping off the lake this morning. Looks like we’ll be living up to that “Windy City” moniker today!

says no real Chicagoan. Ever.

(Although we’ve embraced the nickname. We are not the windiest city in America).

Windy City they call us
Well it’s not due to the

Or, maybe it is? The earliest uses of  “Windy City” date back to the mid 1800’s;  Green Bay and Cincinnati used it in reference to our weather.  Cincinnati at the time was also a rival city. However, many believe the more popular story of the New York reporter who called us the windy city because our politicians were a bunch of blowhards. New York lost its bid to host the World’s Columbian Exposition, 1893.

It was also from New York around the time of the World Columbian Exposition that we got the name: Second City. Geez, NYC, sore losers much?  But Chicago is resilient. Perhaps our resiliency is another reason to refer to us as a second city. We were built twice; the first city  before the 1871 Chicago fire and second city after. The World Columbian Expo (aka World’s Fair) which happened 22 years later, played a key role. It changed the landscape of Chicago and put us on the map.

There were many firsts at the World Columbian Exposition: Cracker Jacks, The Ferris Wheel, Vienna Beef Hot Dogs and what they call America’s first serial killer (I’m guessing  first known serial killer) H.H. Holmes. Erik Larson has written a best selling novel about it: “The Devil In the White City”.

White city
was the name of the site,
buildings for the fair
all painted white.
The way it lit up!
especially at night.

Walking tours of the white city exist today but there are very few places left from this time: The Osaka Gardens and what was known then as The Palace of Fine Arts, now The Museum of Science and Industry, among them. After looking at all the old pics, I find it rather sad.

But I found this youtube video which I thought was interesting:


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